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Research projects

2013 - 2014
Cloud Detours: Non-Intrusive Code Transformations to Support Automatic Software Adaptation to the Cloud
This project proposal aims at supporting software developers and organizations in migrating existing software systems to the cloud. To this end, the project will provide a non-intrusive code transformation approach that will enable automatic adaptation of a software system, in a way that the modified system (1) does not violate existing cloud environment constraints; and (2) can take advantage of existing cloud resources and services to offer typical cloud computing benefits, such as low infrastructure overhead and high scalability. The project’s software adaptation solutions will be implemented using currently available code interception and transformation technologies.
Members: Nabor das Chagas Mendonça / Paulo Henrique Mendes Maia / Michel Araújo Vasconcelos / Davi Monteiro Barbosa
Funding: Microsoft Research
2011 - 2012
Virtual Environment to Support the Teaching of Programming Logic and Data Structure
Developed an integrated development environment (IDE) to support programming language and data structure learning in Brazilian universities. The project resulted in the creation of a programming language and a development and visualization environment for the created language.
Members: Davi Monteiro Barbosa / Milton Escossia Barbosa Neto
Funding: Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq)